O'Neill Family Motorcycle Accident Fundraiser
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O'Neill Family Motorcycle Accident Fundraiser
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Hello, my name is Logan O’Neill. On Friday, 4/12/2024, my and my wife’s lives were forever changed. While headed home from a leisurely motorcycle ride to dinner at Serious Texas Bar-B-Q, we were struck by a driver failing to yield to me in an intersection. We were headed Westbound on 37th street, about a half mile from our home in Loveland, when this person accelerated into us, hitting us directly on the right side of the bike. I was able to lean enough to avoid our whole legs getting hit, but our ankles on the right side were crushed on impact. 

My wife, Shayde Wood, who is 18 weeks pregnant now, was on the back of the bike when this happened. Thank God our baby is okay, healthy, and has good heart tones. However, Shayde was ejected upon impact and landed on her feet. I’ve attached some photos of the X-rays, and you can see that her feet took a real beating. She’ll be in the hospital for a large portion of her pregnancy, and a fair bit more of it in rehab for physical therapy, working to walk again. Her first pregnancy will now be spent learning to take care of herself again, rather than nesting, exercising, and staying active as our lives would typically call for. Our Honeymoon was set for June of this year, but with her being bedridden now, her pending rehab, and my mobility is extremely limited, we will postpone.

I am the Roofing Manager and Lead Salesman at Loveland Roofing. This position requires me to drive all around Northern Colorado, be on call for appointments anytime, and requires me to do all sorts of things I’ll now be unable to do for an extended period of time. To be able to not only carry a 40+ lb ladder, but also be able to walk around on the roofs I inspect. With the severely fractured ankle I suffered in the incident, I had to ask my wife’s family to pay over $20,000 to have my ankle fixed to get me back to walking and working again one day. Unfortunately, I won’t be weight-bearing for 4-6 weeks, and this puts me out of work for the next 6-10 weeks while I undergo recovery and physical therapy to be able to safely work again. 

Anyone who knows us, knows we’re not ones to ask for help often, but we’re always there to offer it when we can. This has been a humbling experience to say the least, and we’ve reached a point where our backs are against the wall to pay our monthly bills, and with our first-born child on the way, we have to reach out to our community in search of help. 

Thank you so much for reading this and for your support. It’s hard to ask for help, but we pray you’ll stand with us and give us a hand in our time of need.   Love, Logan, Shayde & Baby


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BikerDown is offering social media fundraising to our accident victims and their families.   100% of your donation goes to the family, all donors can add the credit card processing fees to your donation to help BikerDown continue to host these fundraisers.   If you have any questions, please email info@bikerdown.org, or call our office at 720-328-9795.  You can also visit our website at www.bikerdown.org.

Name Date Amount Comments
Emily Petefish 06/18/2024 $207.11  
Emily Petefish 06/10/2024 $207.11  
Trish and Roger Kifer 05/19/2024 $516.79 Praying for swift recovery. Friends of Angie.
Julie Solomon 05/18/2024 $100.00 Julie & AK @ Post 1985
Anonymous Friend 05/12/2024 $51.96  
Paul & Beth Miller 05/10/2024 $200.00 May you both have a speedy recovery
Emily Petefish 05/10/2024 $207.11  
Jamie Porter 05/09/2024 $206.90 Take care and heel well.
Anonymous Friend 05/05/2024 $310.52 Friend of Angie!
Mike Schwan 05/03/2024 $155.41 May God provide the financial support and healing for a 100% recovery.
Elias Castillon 05/02/2024 $20.00 It’s not much but it’s what I have I’m sorry you’re going through this buddy.. but I got y’all in my prayers and hope god blesses you guys 🙏
Legion Riders 05/01/2024 $300.00 Post 1985. Praying for a full recovery
Chris Warren 05/01/2024 $517.32  
Anonymous Friend 05/01/2024 $52.01  
Christy Bealmear 05/01/2024 $103.60  
Anonymous Friend 05/01/2024 $516.79  
Antoinette Johnson 05/01/2024 $516.79 We hope you have a quick recovery. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
Steve (Roadside) Bradford 05/01/2024 $20.00 🙏🏼 for a fast recovery
Justin Mick 05/01/2024 $310.52 Doing what I can to help Angie's grandson. Heal fast and well.
Joe Patterson 05/01/2024 $207.11 Continued prayers for their quick and full recovery, Angie! jp
Cari Chrysler 04/30/2024 $50.00 Hey guys. I’m a friend of Shayde’s dad and it just broke my heart, for all of you, while talking to him when this happened. I am so sorry! Glad the baby is okay and praying for ya. Hearts n hugs!
Molecular Coatings 04/29/2024 $506.31 Our prayers are with your Family
Anonymous Friend 04/28/2024 $30.00 I wish I could donate so much more. Much love ❤️
Dave and Jerri Marion 04/27/2024 $206.90 Get well soon....the most generic message I could think of.
Paul Piechocki 04/27/2024 $100.00 This is what family is for. Even if it doesn't feel like it, things will get better
Scot Lee 04/27/2024 $26.16  
American Legion 04/27/2024 $1,145.00 Am Legion post 32
Karen Edmonds 04/26/2024 $20.97 Sending blessings and love to your little family. I'm so glad you are all three okay:)
Anonymous Friend 04/26/2024 $25.00 Prayers going up! Study the Torah! Genesis thru Deuteronomy! This will be your healing power! Yahwah be with you and your family! Blessings for your unborn baby !
Kaitlyn Wood 04/26/2024 $155.41  
Anonymous Friend 04/26/2024 $207.11 Love you, hope you're healing well ~Damion and Jo
Tamara Eaker 04/25/2024 $52.01  
Heather Benjamin 04/25/2024 $20.00 Sending prayers to you both!
Emily Petefish 04/24/2024 $207.11  
Anonymous Friend 04/24/2024 $52.01 Stay strong!
Alicia Lucero 04/24/2024 $103.71  
Hal Holbrook 04/24/2024 $103.60 We love you so much Shayde Carrie and Hal Holbrook
Lillie Rodriguez 04/24/2024 $36.46 I hope your family can heal from this tragedy 💜 best of wishes
Brittney Watterud 04/24/2024 $103.60  
Anonymous Friend 04/24/2024 $103.60 I love you guys! Stay strong!
Randy & Kat Magill 04/24/2024 $200.00  
  Total $8,182.01  
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