Sister Rider Sharise Mayer Fundraiser
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Sister Rider Sharise Mayer Fundraiser

Update:  ** Part machine, part zombie, and 100% warrior!  Sharise has now been hospitalized in Palm Springs for over a month. She continues to battle bacteria on her amputated leg and recently received a new elbow thanks to a cadaver donor. We're all hopeful that soon she will return home to Arizona for her rehabilitation and recovery. **

Sister-Rider Sharise Mayer was struck while riding on her way to Babes Ride Out in Anza/Borrego, CA on the evening of 3/22/24.  A teenage driver illegally crossed a double yellow to pass another vehicle, changing her life forever. Sharise was airlifted to Palm Springs, where she spent 2 weeks in ICU.  Her injuries include a broken pelvis, broken left femur, amputation of left leg above the knee, broken humerus, and left elbow.  Her spirit remains unshattered, though, and she is one tough cookie. It has been almost a month, and Sharise remains far from home at Palm Springs Regional Hospital. There are still several surgeries to come, and we hope that in the next few weeks, she will be transferred back to the Mesa, Arizona area for rehabilitation.  I think the hardest part for Sharise is that her friend KK was killed as a result of the wrong-way driver….  Because there was a fatality, the accident information, insurance, and everything is on hold while the investigation takes place.

Sharise has a long journey ahead of her and will most likely not be able to return to work for some time. In addition to all the medical expenses, she will need to make modifications to every aspect of her everyday life. She does have insurance, but she hasn’t worked in a month, and it takes quite some time to process paperwork. In the meantime, expenses continue to accumulate. We can’t even begin to estimate the future financial impact this will have on her life.

If you’ve ever met Sharise, you’ll remember her. Everybody loves her at first sight.  She always smiles and says kind words to every person she meets. Even in the hospital, she is a beacon of light and has a great sense of humor about her future. Please help show Sharise your love and support in her journey to recovery, and give, Give, GIVE!  


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Name Date Amount Comments
Jennifer Young 06/22/2024 $50.00 Wish it could be more. Get well soon sister.
Jasna Gornik 06/22/2024 $155.25  
Traci Schwyzer 06/22/2024 $150.00 You got this
Kimmy & Steve Oxford 06/22/2024 $103.60 Your story really moved us. We are trusting for all the best for you. Keep smiling and hanging in their. You are a Warrior !!! Kimmy and Steve Oxford
Liz Chandler 06/22/2024 $26.13  
Kathy Momaney 06/21/2024 $26.16 Today I rode with Traci to the Desert Hospital… and on the way we stopped for lunch and she told me your story. My truest +++vibes extend to you with all my heart. I look forward to your rehabilitation stories and maybe one day meeting you in person! Sincerely, Kathy M
Janna Anderson 05/31/2024 $100.00  
Sharise Selvey 05/27/2024 $20.00  
Karen Perkins 05/23/2024 $50.00 We only met briefly thru Mary in Long Beach, but when she told me what happened, it brought back memories of 2 of my Brothers. One I lost to a motorcycle accident and one who lost his best friend in one. I’m so sorry for your loss and grateful that you survived. Stay strong, obviously the universe has a bigger plan in store for you!
Anonymous Friend 05/22/2024 $52.01  
Amanda Finlayson 05/18/2024 $310.20  
Shelly Aguilar 05/11/2024 $50.00 Love you my friend! Keep up your fight.
Heather Larson 05/07/2024 $155.25 Love you!!! CrossFit XA misses you and I miss seeing you ❤️ praying and thinking about you. I am here for you and would love to visit you.
Joelle Hendren 05/07/2024 $103.60 Wishing you a speedy recovery and the ability to ride again.
Marcie Kirazian 05/06/2024 $100.00 You don't know me, but I'm thinking of you and wishing you the speediest of recoveries. Stay strong wind sister.
Anita Salgado 05/04/2024 $100.00 I’ve never met you, but I’m thinking of you. Keep kicking ass in your recovery. I’m glad you’re alive and I hope to meet you one day. :)
Tristin Lelo 05/02/2024 $51.96 You are such a strong woman who perseveres through hard things with a smile. I have always been impressed with your strength and capability to just do. We are wishing you all of the best and our prayers are with you now as well as your journey ahead. Wishing you and quick road to recovery with love and support.
Joan Moran 04/28/2024 $103.60  
Criss Palau 04/28/2024 $50.00 Love you mija 💕🙏
Cristina Frisby 04/27/2024 $51.96  
Curtis Long 04/27/2024 $51.96 You got this little sister. Love you ❤️
Cathi Agar 04/26/2024 $100.00 Stay strong sister..... you are so loved and missed. I'll see you soon! Sending love, prayers, positivity and all the good juju I can muster out to you every day!!!
Matt Healy 04/26/2024 $103.60 Sharise, sending you much love!! Miss my overhead squat partner. So glad you are still with us!!!
Brenda Richter 04/25/2024 $103.60  
Carletta King 04/23/2024 $103.71 BD made this donation on behalf of Carletta King
Shannon Salazar 04/22/2024 $103.60  
Patti & Kevin Cantile 04/21/2024 $206.90 We are praying for a speedy recovery. 🙏
Lori Blasier 04/21/2024 $26.16 Sending hope prayers, healing and peace your way❤️❤️❤️
Ronita Arellanes 04/20/2024 $51.96  
Julie Chavez 04/19/2024 $103.71 I’m so proud of you for staying positive and continuing to fight! You’re special and I’m so lucky that you are in my life still! Love and support for your continued healing ❤️‍🩹
Darnell Grossi 04/19/2024 $52.50 You are an inspiration.
Laura Carpenter 04/19/2024 $206.90 Get well soon..
Susan Sellars 04/19/2024 $100.00 Sending prayers, love, and light.
Linda Welch 04/19/2024 $26.13 Praying for you and your family.
Ed Miller 04/19/2024 $313.43 Prayers for a speedy recovery. I’ll be waiting for you girls to ride up!
Clem Benton 04/18/2024 $51.96 We have never met, but I pray you have a full recovery. Blessings to you and stay encouraged!
Terrie Diaz 04/18/2024 $103.60 No amount of money will ever make this right. But I’m hoping that it helps to ease the stress of daily living expenses. I love you my friend. You are so loved and cared about!
Anonymous Friend 04/18/2024 $50.00  
Luann Klein 04/18/2024 $10.00 I don't know you dear, but my family members ride and this would be devastating for all of us. I'm a kayaker and know this is important to you also. Keep fighting girl!
Catherine Walter 04/18/2024 $10.64 Heal quickly!
Jennifer Johnston 04/18/2024 $10.64  
Anonymous Friend 04/18/2024 $26.13 Sending prayers
Sandy Jensen 04/18/2024 $100.00 Keep the healing going!
Ed Miller 04/18/2024 $104.69 Keep your head up and hang in there. Sending prayers 🙏🙏
Lori Peterson 04/18/2024 $20.00  
Debi Calvin 04/18/2024 $50.00 Wish I knew what to write here. Wish that this did not happen to you and your friends. Wish I could take away all the pain. Wish I could get you your leg back and heal your arm. Keeping you in my thoughts. Sending lots of healing love and hugs.
Donna Robinson 04/18/2024 $51.96 Prayers for your recovery.
Tasha Wroten 04/17/2024 $52.01 I’m beyond saddened at what happened and am truly amazed at your wonderful fighting spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to heal and inspire others to be resilient when faced with adversity.
Daniel Ray 04/17/2024 $50.00 Sent with love and prayers for a speedy recovery.
Michelle Quezada 04/17/2024 $50.00 You're always in my thoughts and prayers.
Stephanie Puleo 04/17/2024 $103.60  
Anonymous Friend 04/17/2024 $51.96  
Vicki Gipe 04/17/2024 $103.60 Hoping that this fundraiser will at least help alleviate some of the financial burden so you can concentrate on healing, getting well and coming home. Praying each and every day for you sweet lady. Vicki & Lee Gipe
RaeLynne Hopwood 04/17/2024 $51.96 You had my back during my heart issue time now it’s time to take care of you. I love you so much Sharise! Just know that I love the sense of humor that you continue to have, and it just makes the spirit so much brighter.
Madeline Paulson 04/17/2024 $258.55 Dear Sharise, you are so strong, kind, and loving. You are fierce, and funny, in the face of adversity, so I know you will continue to be strong as you face the challenges ahead. You have a huge village behind you, so use us! Please remember, I am here every step of the way. All you or Shawna have to do is ask. Love you both. hugs from afar until I see you again, soon.... Maddie
Jeanette Wood 04/17/2024 $103.71 While we have never met, I admire your grit and how you are inspiring others. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
DeeDee Maz 04/17/2024 $103.71 Sharise, you're in my thoughts and prayers every day. You are such an awesome person. I am so sad that this happened to you, but I know you'll adapt and triumph. Your humor and indomitable spirit are an inspiration to us all. Love you Sharise!
Vincenza Lunde 04/17/2024 $103.60 I love you - unconditionally - more than words could ever express - Always and forever!
Debbie Boyer 04/17/2024 $50.00 Sending healing prayers your way….🙏🙏🙏
Jacqueline Theis 04/17/2024 $50.00  
Janna Anderson 04/17/2024 $100.00  
Linda Rinzel 04/17/2024 $207.11 This is from me and my husband. Sharise, keep on fighting and keep on smiling. You've got this and can't wait to ride with you again!!
Katie Ann Johnson 04/17/2024 $50.00  
  Total $5,543.31  
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