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UPDATE: As of now, Jim has been moved back to Grand Rapids, MI for inpatient physical rehabilitation 

On July 7th, 2023, Jim collided on his motorcycle with an oncoming vehicle while riding Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap. He was airlifted to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, TN, where he is being treated for multiple broken and fractured bones. So far, he has received 3 surgeries to fix a punctured lung, repair his broken arms, and metal rods to repair his femur and pelvis. Additionally, Jim suffered a spinal injury between his C3 and C7 vertebrae in his neck and has some paralysis that we hope is temporary in his left arm. The road to recovery will be long, as Jim’s doctors anticipate it will be 6 to 8 weeks before he can put weight on his legs in order to learn to walk again. 

Moving forward, Jim and his family are exploring options to get him moved back to Grand Rapids, MI, for inpatient physical rehabilitation, where he can be close to and recover with the support from friends and family. At this time, we are asking for Jim’s story to be shared and for donations to help offset medical and transportation costs. 

Jimmy has always lived a very active lifestyle, from being a wildland firefighter and commercial fisherman to making maple syrup that we love in Michigan, being involved in yoga, camping, and many other trades and hobbies. It’s our hope that with the support of his friends and family, we can get Jim back to doing the things he loves. 


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Name Date Amount Comments
Steven Cross 08/02/2023 $50.00 Best Wishes, Heal fast and well. Will stop and visit you soon
Darrick Coy 08/01/2023 $309.56 I hope you get better fast and make a full recovery bud. I just about hit a mailbox and went into the ditch last week on my new motorcycle looking at my chain. :O
Shelly Ball 07/31/2023 $103.39 Prayers with you stay strong ??
Kyle Tomczyk 07/30/2023 $50.00  
Christine Mitchell 07/29/2023 $103.39 Sending prayers and thinking positive thoughts for your recovery.
Lauren Tripp 07/28/2023 $50.00  
Ashley Edwards 07/28/2023 $50.00  
David and Susan Bilski 07/28/2023 $103.39 Sending prayers for a full recovery!
Heather Buyze 07/28/2023 $103.39 Praying for a speedy recovery! From the Buyze family
Mike Patrick 07/28/2023 $103.39 Get out of that hospital. Deer season is around the corner.
Steve Rivers 07/28/2023 $100.00 I'm sorry about the "water", feel better soon! ❤️
Mike and Courtney Bilski 07/28/2023 $208.62 We’re here for you for whatever you need! Love you!
Keith terHorst 07/28/2023 $100.00 You got this Jimbo!!
Kylee Krick 07/28/2023 $31.23 Sending all the healing vibes junior!!
Cathy Griffin 07/28/2023 $100.00 Hoping for a speedy recovery Jim
Anonymous Friend 07/27/2023 $20.00 ??❤️‍?
Michelle Wieber 07/27/2023 $26.08  
Ron Yesney 07/27/2023 $26.08  
  Total $1,638.52  
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