2023 Adopt-A-Family For the Holidays
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2023 Adopt-A-Family For the Holidays
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Colorado & Nevada Adopt-A-Family is entering its 12th year of helping families in our area and providing Christmas under the tree.  The struggle is real; no child should be burdened with adult problems.  Adopt a Family for the Holidays works diligently to ensure that parents can provide their children with a good holiday, and for 1 day, there is no stress, just joy, and unity.  We vet all families to ensure their eligibility.  With rising food and gas prices, families ' paychecks will not go as far as in previous years, even during the pandemic.  Our goal is to ensure that for 1 day, kids have Christmas under the tree, a holiday dinner to share and 1 day to just be a kid.

Our goal for 2023 Colorado is to adopt 50-100 families - PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO 2022 Adopt a Family Video


Our program provides each family a $275 Walmart gift card and 150 dollars worth of food to take home to ensure families have all they need to get thru the holidays.  Our program also allows each family to come to our Lunch/Dinner with Santa, where children can visit Santa Claus, get presents, and enjoy a family meal with their donors.  All our workers are volunteers, and 100% of what you donate will go to help these families.

Will you join us in our Mission?


$275 Adopts a Family for the Holidays and provides each family a $275 Walmart gift card 

$150 provides a family with a full holiday dinner to prepare at home 

$100 provides a family the ability to attend our Dinner/Lunch with Santa Clause


BikerDown is offering social media fundraising for our Adopt A Family for the Holiday and their families.   100% of your donation goes to the family, all donors can add the credit card processing fees to your donation to help BikerDown continue to host these fundraisers.   If you have any questions, please email info@bikerdown.org, or call our office at 720-328-9795.  You can also visit our website at www.bikerdown.org.

Name Date Amount Comments
Maria Lorio 12/07/2023 $258.55 Donation for Colorado Family Galvan Family. We want to do more so please send us their information
Kevin Kibel 12/07/2023 $284.37 From MCS for Adopt A Family
Marilyn Stemp 12/04/2023 $155.25 Please choose a recipient who most needs the family dinner
Jennifer Cobb 11/30/2023 $15.00  
Eli Ohlhausen 11/29/2023 $516.79  
Brenda Powell 10/23/2023 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/22/2023 $103.39  
  Total $1,358.35  
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